Monday, March 3, 2008

Found the truck I think we should use...

Not sure who is responsible for finding this image, but I think it's great. Kudos to whoever found it. Anyone else think it's what we're looking for to kill our characters? There's more stuff in the props folder for more inspiration...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Listen to Mike!!

Just to add to what Mike said, I hope everyone takes the initiative to sketch things up for monday. We all know the direction we're taking for the environment and the color palette we'll be using (cars, abbey's color swatch...), we just need to flesh out the details. Feel free to take the environment design and try sketching it from different angles, put some new twists on it, re-position the gas station, etc. We'll be showing everyones stuff on monday when we all meet together with story and I'd be nice if we could gather opinions and finalize things then so we can move forward. Thanks for all ya'lls help recently. Making this film is a daunting task, but I think things will move much faster within the next few weeks.

Oh, and I know we've all heard concerns about the character design. For those of you who didn't hear, Ryan said that the character was too generic, not interesting enough to look at for long, and that we went "safe" on her design for ease of modeling and 3d sake. I think we can probably all agree on what was said....Lately Ryan, Carson, and I have attempted to tackle this thing once more (although I know we said that the last design was final). I guess since she's one of our main characters, we might as well get it right! :) Things are looking very well with the new designs, as we've taken elements of the last one, and adjusted some things. I hope you all will be supportive of this! Sorry about taking so long on this,...I guess alot of us didn't realize how dang hard it was to draw armadillos... Thanks guys!