Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Story Team Assignments

Hey gang, here's the rundown, as promised:

Main beats and whose jamming to them:

1. Death - Carson
2. Realization - Jenny
3. Grieving Process - Steve
4. Moving On - Mike
5. Anger and Revenge - Jeremy
6. Redemption - Morgan
7. Saves Him - Dave
8. Dies Anyway - Rachel

Remember we need at least 4-6 solid boards each, and if you want to shade them before we meet again, remember that middle gray should be the darkest you go.

We also need to talk about what time to meet before Monday. It sounded like it would be Friday, so please, PLEASE everyone email me back ASAP with your preferences for a good meeting time so we can get on top of this. The only thing I have on Friday is class from 12:00-1:00, so other than that I'm good with anything. Thanks guys, and good luck!

How to Access CAEDM from your Home Computer

1. Google and install FireFTP for Firefox.
2. In Firefox, go to Tools >> FireFTP. A new window should appear. Create an account and call it whatever you like. I call mine "CAEDM."
3. It asks you for a server. The server is but I will check on this soon and update it. It also asks for your CAEDM username and password.
4. You should now be able to click "Connect" and access CAEDM.

  • You can only download/upload stuff. You can't delete anything or move it around.
  • You can easily download a whole folder (of say, concept images).
  • The green arrows in the middle are your upload/download buttons.

Environment Update

  • Chris had a sweet painting of a cartoony landscape. It is in the gladiator >> ghost >> environment >> favorites folder. He was inspired by Polkarella.
  • Big Al, Cameron, and MM organized all our photos/art into gladiator >> ghost >> folder. It should be easy to find from there. We put our favorite photos and artwork into a folder called FAVORITES which we will show to Pixar. Please add anything you want to to these folders.
  • An important development is that Brent told the group to not necessarily close off the idea of a more humid environment. What "more humid" means is up for debate.
  • The balance of cartoon and realism needs to be discussed more.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some people who weren't able to be in class on Monday have asked for a recap, so here it is:

We posted our new armadillo designs and again voted, but stuck with Chris's original design (posted somewhere below). We then put up our concepts and references for environments, and agreed that we wanted a hot, arid place, and reference for those should be in the groups folder soonly. Next, we split into story and design; story will meet with Kelly in the 2D lab and everyone else will meet with Brent in the 3D lab for Wednesday. Design is again split into character and environment, and there will also be people who will start to deal with future technical problems. I believe the assignments for Wednesday have already been previously posted below somewhere, and I think that's all we did. If you guys think of anything I missed or got wrong, please correct me or add to this post. Pixar will be here on Monday, so start crankin'!Thanks guys, and good luck everyone!

Monday, January 28, 2008

story points

As I sat down to start doing some concept boards, I ran a complete blank. I then realized that it would be easier to do if I had a list of the basic story points. So I made one! Hooray! Dave (who was apparently having the same problem) suggested that I post these story points for the sake of those on the story team. So these are them, insofar as I can recall them. Hopefully it's helpful to get the gears turning, if you know what I mean; ya know, to prime the pump, so to speak; ya know, to get the engines churnin' and burnin'; to get the wheels in motion, if you catch my drift; to prick the proverbial donkey's bum; to spur the horse.
  • protagonist (hereafter referred to as "Ptag") falls in love with the boy
  • Ptag gets hit by car
  • Boy grieves for girl, then gets over it
  • Ptag tries to get boys attention, but to no avail
  • Ptag becomes extremely lonely
  • Boy starts hitting on the "other woman"
  • Ptag sees this, becomes really angry and jealous, and plots his death
  • in spite of hooking up with the other woman, the Boy still has feelings for the Ptag
  • Ptag sets her plot in motion or sets a trap for the boy, which will end with his death
  • while the boy is in the middle of falling for the Ptag's scheme or falling into her trap, She realizes that he still cares about her
  • she feels guilty for plotting his death and saves his life at the last second
  • She returns to her ironic existence and her lonliness
  • The boy suddenly gets killed by something else, and they are together
Anyhow, that is not all set in stone; those are just the events that TO ME seem to comprise the story as it currently stands.

Story Update

Haha, very funny Mike. Anyway, as for the story side of things we are already starting to board, and are each going to have 5-8 panels by Wednesday, so if any of you guys have any ideas, please let us know! The story crew consists of: Morgan, Dave, Mike South, Steve, Carson, Jeremy, and Jenny.

Also, Mike Mercer is going to post how to access the groups folder from home on here, so that we can see what each other are doing as well as be able to look at the references and designs we've amassed from anywhere we want, not just the lab. Hope that will help move us along. Thanks!

VisDev Group Summary

Hi all. Jenny the soon-to-be producer just asked me to post the summary of what happened in VisDev today.

It was decided that there will be a service station. Brent pretty much laid down the law on this and everyone (I think) was in agreement. The station should probably have structure elements that allow for perspective lines in low and high camera angles.

Our goal for Wednesday is to collect tons of reference from ANYTHING and compile that into the groups folder before class Wednesday. We will be deciding on lighting/color/style directions on Wednesday, at least that is my understanding. It was decided that in general we want bright, saturated colors with stylized shapes but with fairly realistic textures, such as in Pinatas, etc.

Our goal for Monday is to have as many nice concept pieces as we can for environments and characters. These pieces will be full-color like the Gladiator concept work.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Designs on Network

Hey guys, all of our previous armadillo designs have been scanned and are in a folder called "Armadillo Designs" in the Ghost groups folder. I hope that is helpful, and good luck with your designs, everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Armadillo Research

So I was doing a little research on the armadillo and it turns out that only the three banded armadillo can roll into a ball. The three banded armadillo only lives in South America, especially in the Mato Grosso area of Brazil. You can read more about them here:

Here are some pictures of the Mato Grosso area:

Narrowing it down . . .

Here are the two images, don't forget that Kelly wants FOUR images from each of us by Monday and also THREE environment designs.

Some things to think about:
• Color
• How the mouth will move
• Age (she's a teenager)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Armadillo Videos

These are all hosted on Google Video so they should be viewable on campus. The first one is the best one.

Ghost Character Bio 1/16/08

Alright gang, here's the character's personality that we voted on in class:

Animal: Armadillo
Gender: Female

She is a teenager, around 17, who is not a complete nerd or outcast, but not exactly really cool either. Slightly off and awkward, insecure, and emotional (but not necessarily to extremes) but kind and caring. She is caught in a jaded love story, but is still the heroine, and has potential for great pathos and room for great character development.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Revision of Ghost Pitch 1/9/08

This pitch is a combination of my favorite elements of Jenny's and Jeremy's stories. It's long but (hopefully) worth it. It's also purposely VERY specific, but as always, EVERYTHING is changeable. I decided to do a real post b/c it was too long for a comment.

//Backstory: (this is so you can picture the character and environment)

In 1915 Redrock Plateau, a retired mining and oil-drilling town, was made part of the Dry Dirt National Park. The people moved away from the town because their property was purchased by the government and it was now illegal to stay. The last to leave was Quentin Gruber (groober), the biggest procrastinator in the town. He was never getting his work done on time. Not only this, but he was a pack rat and had way too much stuff to move. Finally when he was ready to leave he was two weeks too late. As he was taking his last look at the town, a rusty oil pump broke and killed him, smashing him flat except for his hat which floated to safety. The government authorities came and did a search, but never found his body, only his hat, and so they declared him a missing person and marked the town as abandoned.

But Quentin's ghost never left because his body was still there and had never been buried.

Quentin became very lonely. For forty years he saw no one. The only thing he had for company was the lizards. But in 1955 the government came and paved the road that ran through town and a female park ranger started driving by once a day. He thought of the Park Ranger as his girl friend, although he knew they could never be together. He soon found a way to develop their relationship, however, because he discovered he could possess a lizard and throw items into the road that she would then smash into "ghost items" (if he placed them just right in the road) that he could then collect, just like he used to collect items in real life. It gave him a purpose to life and comforted him. He hoarded these ghost items into an abandoned barn that was his home now. Each day he littered the road with leftover items from the town and the park ranger would smash a few that he could add to his collection. Little did he realize that his life would soon change forever, because today he would make a big mistake.

//Title: Big Mistake
//Subtitle: His biggest mistake will haunt him forever.
//The setting is the town of Redrock Plateau, located at the top of the plateau. You can see forever from up there. The now-paved road goes straight through the center of town.
//3 characters 1 setting

A nondescript fly (sphere with wings) buzzes through the town. Past the creaking windmill, past the saloon doors that knock in the wind, past the empty corral littered with cow bones. It lands in the middle of town on a rock on the road. Then: Slurp! A lizard eats the fly. But the lizard is being stalked, Quentin!

Quentin jumps into the lizard and squeezes his fat body inside the small creature until he's possessed it, then speeds inside a nearby building, returning with a pocketwatch that he throws into the road. Then he gets a small wooden child's toy. Then a fork whose prongs are bent. Then an old-fashioned, rusty top (the kind that cranks). All these things and more he puts in the road randomly, but purposely, as if he's trying to make some kind of abstract modern artwork on the road. Finally he depossesses the lizard (who walks away like he's drunk and passes out) and waits eagerly in ghost form...but for what?

Enter Park Ranger in her original series Hummer. She smashes the first stuff which *poofs* into ghost items. Quentin checks them out and his happy and flies them into the barn. Park Ranger drives more through town hitting more stuff until the last thing she hits is the fork in the road and *pop* her tire goes out and her car goes out of control! Quentin must then save her because she's headed for a cliff! He possesses her, cranks the wheel, but makes things worse! Oh no! The centrifugal force pulls on Quentin and he starts to get pulled out of the Ranger and, in the stress of the situation, he begins to flicker into reality and they have a wonderful, intimate moment as their eyes meet for the first time, she checks him out, he checks her out, there's lightning between them.

And then Quentin gets pulled out of her and she goes off the cliff and her car blows up. We see Quentin's reactions from the explosions (but not the explosions themselves). He's mortified. His only friend in the whole world he just killed!

But as he walks away, her ghost floats up from behind the cliff and waves. Hi handsome! They both light up in a big smile and the short ends.

Story Notes From Class

Alright gang: Mike M. asked me to post all the notes I took while we pitched our new versions of the ghost story so that we can have more to work with. My notes were kind of cryptic, so hopefully they will make sense and jog your memories a little bit, and if they are a little of, let me know! Thanks! This will be a freakin' long post, so bear with me...

- Ireland
- young ghost woman
- man driving with picture of that woman
- they both miss each other
- he sees ghost and then crashes and dies
- finally together again

- Nasty Mike and Frank are bank robbers
- Mike kills Frank as they bury their goods and then runs off
- Frank's ghost has to guard cursed gold forever - he's ticked, so he's going to give it to the first he meets
- 100 yrs. later someone comes by and Frank leads them into the cave with the goods
- the cave collapses and they both dies

- dry, hot desert
- old cow skull shot
- loud pop, silence, pop, silence (3x)
- little cowgirl ghost shooting at skull with ghost cork gun
- cork hits her and she falls over the skull
- she's the only one there and is lonely, so she decides to go look for friends
- tries to flag down car, but accidentally possesses the driver
- sees bunny, hits breaks, and is flung into bunny
- then gets knocked into tumbleweed, then into a roadrunner
- hits tree, flung out of roadrunner, tree falls over and demolishes tombstone in an animal graveyard
- ghost dog comes out and they start to play fetch with his bones

- old ghost town, camera shows its solitude, focuses on tumbleweed
- it tumbles across an old man's feet who is a ghost sheriff
- he's very lonely, and then his eyes lock on the cemetery, where he sees his own gravestone and realizes that he's dead
- he tries to stop a car, but it doesn't work
- pushes boulder to hit car, but it misses
- tries to hit car with falling tree, also misses, makes him angry
- sits by roadside and tosses rock up and down
- car sees this and crash because they are watching it
- new ghosts step out of wreckage and sheriff rushes over to new friends
- heaven sucks them up instead

- daybreak over town on the edge of a cliff
- church with only one tombstone, and its ghost comes out and mopes
- car comes down the road with a female park ranger who is HOT
- drives right through him and then a lizard walks by
- ghost concentrates so hard that the lizard can see him, then possesses lizard
- goes into saloon, plays piano and drinks rootbeer, then leaves lizard
- a couple of days pass and he is still very lonely and sad, sees a small flower that has bloomed
- hot park ranger passes again
- ghost concentrates so that she sees him and then freaks out and spins out of control
- ghost possesses her to save her, but is yanked out
- their eyes meet while the car spins out of control = LOVE!
- car goes off cliff and she dies, but now they're together forever!

- show sheer boredom, pretty silent
- old guy shootin' guns
- tries to stop a car
- an van full of old people rambles along going to party in Reno
- ghost gets into van and tries to get their attention
- doesn't work, so he possesses driver and crashes so everybody dies
- new ghosts are ticked so they keep on partying, but the first ghost is not invited

- a guy's car either breaks down or he's a photographer
- ghost cannot get his attention
- guy finally tries to leave, but ghost possesses him and kills him

- ghost is a total jerk and thinks it's funny to haunt people
- everyone is annoyed so they leave town, so now he's very lonely

- western feel
- message: You can't get anything unless you go for it.
- nice, kind, and considerate ghost
- can move objects, but not people
- makes people crash into town and the town blows up, now no more town to haunt

- dry gulch and rickety bridge over it with an old crashed wagon down at the bottom
- the ghost who died in that crash is also chillin' down there
- there is a sign: Lonely Gulch, population 0, so the ghost wanders back to town and goes into the saloon
- sign of dancing girl, tries to flirt with it, but it's no use
- sees a mirror, and then we see his memories of life inside the mirror
- his reflection interacts with his memories, but then they fade
- car comes by and he tries to communicate with it
- he possesses driver, and they both fight over possession of the body
- car flies off cliff into the gulch, now they are both ghosts

- ghost possesses players at a golf range
- a statue of ghost when he was alive - he was a great golfer in life
- he possesses golfer to make the perfect swing
- ghost possesses another golfer who is set to win the tournament but always makes him miss at the end
- living golfer buys ghost repellent on ebay and wins tournament
- pulls down statue of ghost golfer, but it falls on him and kills him, so now they are both ghosts

- dusk, little lonely ghost kid
- empty checker table shows loneliness
- tries to scare things, but it doesn't work, so it floats away and finds a highway and sees headlights
- cars fly past, but it can't scare them
- cut inside one car, where the ghost finally scares the driver
- driver freaks out and crashes - oops!
- child ghost is really guilty and sad, but the now ghost driver takes pity on it and forgives him
- become friends, hold hands and walk off

- Ireland, dead quiet, run-down old inn
- sign for inn, with lanky Irish ghost chillin' underneath it
- sees headlights in the distance, but they can't see him
- tries to kick pebble, but it doesn't work
- another car comes and he doesn't see it, accidentally possesses driver
- steering wheel comes off and kills everyone in the car
- ghost innkeeper now has friends to stay in his inn

Character ideas:
- character is an outcast ghost (maybe a lizard?) who is fat and has never been the hero of anything
- likes food and tries to get food
Story idea:
- speed demon driver who sees a sharp curve too late and takes out curve sign
- car flies off cliff and dies
- doors at bottom leading to heaven, but they don't open
- tries to fix sign before moving on
- possesses a woman to go down into ravine to get the sign, bring it back, and fix it
- saves everyone, so now doors open and he moves on

- Irish setting, counting is heard
- enter ghost who is so bored and lonely that he's counting blades of grass, bricks, whatever
- cut to cart coming down road driven by a man who is really worried about the precious cargo he is carrying in the back of his cart
- ghost wants to make friends and tries to say hello, but scares horse, which bolts
- cart tumbles, but the precious cargo is safe, but the driver dies
- precious cargo slips through ghost driver's fingers and breaks

- Scottish tavern complete with a creaking sign and a very depressed ghost
- sign triggers flashback to ghost's former life
- strange noise (car) brings him back to the present
- car comes and the ghost thinks he recognizes the driver
- tavern owner (ghost) appears in car and scares the driver, who starts screaming
- ghost in turn freaks out and starts screaming
- both are screaming
- cut to a peaceful cliff overlooking the ocean, but then the car is seen flying over said cliff
- next cut is back to the tavern with the guilty owner and the annoyed driver, both ghosts
- ghost driver throws contents of beer glass into owners face

WHEW! Hope that helps. Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Latest Ghost Pitch

Here is the latest pitch for our Ghost story as of 1/9/08:


Acorn in the middle of the road. A squirrel sees it and runs out to grab it. A car zooms through, and when it passes, the squirrel is still standing there, but in ghost form. He tries to grab the nut, but can't. As he struggles, another car zooms past and smashes the acorn. Now he has a ghost acorn and is happy.

He gets excited and starts throwing other random objects into the road, making a bunch of ghost objects. Time passes and this game starts to bore him. Other creatures go by and he tries to interact, but they can't see him. He now has all of these possessions but no friends, so he tries to build a friend out of his objects, but it doesn't work.

He has a girlfriend and goes in search of her. He discovers another male squirrel flirting with her and gets really jealous. He decides to get her killed somehow so that he can have her forever and the other squirrel can't get to her. He is watching all this from the other side of the road when he sees her reject the other squirrel and turn away. He sees this and now feels really bad about thinking about killing her.

As she crosses the road, he sees a car coming directly for her and now has a dilemma. Should he let the car hit her and let her die, or should she try to save her? He panics as the car gets closer and closer, and then finally he jumps into the car and possesses the driver to swerve and miss her, saving her life. She keeps going, and he sadly watches her scamper away. As he turns to go, another car zooms by in the other lane where she was crossing, and he turns to find her ghost now standing there after the car passes. Now they can be together! Hooray!