Monday, February 25, 2008

Brent's Opinion today

Brent gave us his opinion today. I took notes.

  • Start with a clean slate now. No NEEDED colors (for story's sake) so anything goes.
  • Don't do pre-dawn b/c everyone's creating a demo reel so make it easy to create a good demo reel and make textures/lighting be beautiful on any object.
  • Don't be subtle. Most successful shorts (so far as likability) have been the colorful ones (Pet Shop/Pinatas).
  • Subtlety of story is NOT more important than making good demo reels (said Brent, remember these do not reflect the opinions of the author of this post)
  • Brent wants gorgeous colors.
  • Use white, red, green for gas station/props. No Chevron Blue.
  • 55 gallon drums often red/green...
  • These are of course all rusty, faded, and interesting-looking with LOTS of color variation within them.
  • A lot of red and green again, though muted
  • Maybe red-yellow-orange combo.
  • Maybe very blue.

"I'm not trying to design your colors. Do other colors other than these. Just make it colorful."

So that's the notes I took. If anyone else took notes please post them.

Our team is working a lot on color until Wednesday. Abbey is working on some shape designs for gas station. Brian is working on male character/female character redesign. Chris is on the flower. Kevin I think is facial stuff...Al is on something too...but I can't remember what...anyone I missed?

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