Monday, February 25, 2008

Deliah's Colors

Hey everyone. I'm using the blog a lot b/c it's easier for me than FTP. Forgive me for posting a bunch. It's mostly so I'll have something to show at dailies without having to carry a thumbdrive around.

Here is a rough of Deliah's colors. I painted it in layers so once I'm done I will be able to alter the lighting, the shadows, her basic colors, etc, to pretty much any color and still maintain harmony. I hope to have 5-10 good color schemes for her that will hopefully help inspire environmental design.

NOTE: this is not a texture exercise. Only color. Please also note I paint on my laptop so it might appear saturated/just a little too dark. If so, that's why. I'll fix it when I'm all done so it appears right on normal screens and then if it's still too saturated/dark we can go from there.

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