Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lighting and color schemes

Hey everybody. I'm going to post a bunch of copyrighted images from the web here so if anyone's worried just take them down. If anyone asks I didn't do it.

From what I understand the story team is looking for sky lighting for the short. I have a concern about sky lighting in that I feel it might end up being too monochromatic or just too dark altogether. An alternative is to have the sun up but not visible (behind mountains/clouds). Dave said the story team decided to have mountains for this purpose.

I think I like these subtle colors best. Feels very morningy. Do the colors speak cartoon? Probably not. Do we want the colors to speak cartoon? I have no idea.

Not much to say. More subtle colors. We could definitely play on saturation if we went this route. (say, for example, the ghost is more saturated, as is the flower....)

This is basically the color scheme I was shooting for at first. Blue blue sky for a cartoony feel. Suns up so you can see the colors (although it might not be visible). Lots of saturation and brightness but trying to maintain a morning feel.

Too saturated? Too dark? Notice that the sun is up in this photo and the world is STILL there a work around so we can make sky lighting work? I realize exposure is at work here but I'm not sure how we can make this work for us. Maybe I need to go out and shoot some pictures some morning...

Feels very monochromatic. Too monochromatic in my opinion, although the peachy color definitely feels texan to me.

What's everybody elses' thoughts?


carson said...

as far as getting the sky and ground to look the way we want still in early morning, we can cheat, as long as it looks good it is good, as far as exposure, it doesn't matter, we can make it like our eye sees early morning, it doesn't have to be correct for a film exposure.

A sunrise can be similar to a sunset with clouds and mountains blocking it, we can have all sorts of cool light colors. If you like the design of clouds or thier color, we can make it work with some tweaking, the "sunrise" moment if we keep it can even just be the sun finally getting past some clouds

MM said...

I think I'm going to take some photos tomorrow so I know how "our" eyes see an early morning. I'm really quite curious as I haven't been up that early for awhile...

Rogan said...

That peach-colored image is really nice. I would totally go for monochromatic if our film felt like that.