Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Couple of Interesting Things from the "Cars" teaser

I was checking out "The Incredibles" again to get storyboarding/framing ideas and the "Cars" teaser came on. There are some really cool elements with that road and the bushes next to it. It would be worthwhile to watch for inspiration.

Also for story folks, the way the bee gets hit suddenly is fun and we have an echo of it in how Deliah gets hit, so the way they staged it is cool for studying as well. anywho, just a thought.

Ok i found the cars trailer and here are some screen grabs, the lighter three are just inspiration for cool desert type colors, plants, etc. The bottom three are some awesome lighting setups, more golden hour with soft edged hard shadows. anywho, they are cool for getting ideas.

in the center left photo, i just noticed something we may want to try, having the action take place at the top of a rise could allow for some cooler long road shots and mask oncoming cars better. just a thought

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