Friday, February 29, 2008

Environment team

Hey ya'll. I just talked with Brian and we both agreed that we need a lot more ideas for environment, both in the gas station and in the general environment. Other props also very important (car, bushes, miscellaneous debris). So far we have about 4 ideas: Chris' original, my color pass, Brian's gas station, and Abbey's gas station.

We need a lot more drawings if you get the chance this weekend. Dave pointed out to me that we (mostly me, but I think a number of us are included in this) need more DRAWINGS, not fully rendered paintings. We just need more ideas. Cool, creative things to make this world UNIQUE and different from any desert or gas station you've seen before. Even written ideas would be fantastic (you can post them here as a comment!) I thought a tornado-hit gas station would be fun, or maybe one that was really a secret entrance into Area 51. In fact, maybe that's why our armadillos are walking around...they're really alien science experiments on earth life forms...


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kevin said...

I noticed the cars screen grabs and remembered that the idea behind cars was to create a world from a car's point of view. The mountains and clouds looked like cars. Since this is from an armadillo's point of view....maybe you can put two and two together.