Friday, February 29, 2008

Cinematography Notes

Storyboard Team:

Here's those cinematography notes we went over on Wednesday. Thanks!

What are some of the things a cinematographer has to do in order to make a good shot?
a. Composition
b. Angles
c. Balance
d. Distance

Cinematographic Elements

1. Composition
a. Rule of Thirds
b. Placement
2. Angles
a. Canted
b. High
c. Low
3. Balance
a. Mass
b. Space
c. Weight
4. Distance (remember the Powerpoint)
5. Vector
a. Physical
b. Eye line
c. Movement
6. Shot Duration
a. How long the shot is
b. Long Take
c. Short Take
7. Moving Frame
a. Dolly – Camera changes position, traveling in any direction along the ground, be it
forward, backward, circular, diagonal, or side to side.
b. The shot of Henry V was a dolly, or trucking shot.
c. Truck, or tracking - Same as a Dolly shot
d. Crane – Camera moves above ground level, like the shot in the Narnia clip we just saw
e. Pan – Stationary camera pivots on vertical axis side to side
f. Tilt – Stationary camera pivots on horizontal axis up and down
g. Helicopter (also crane shots, helicopter often moves more, crane is more sweeping and smooth)
h. Hand-held – Obvious, hand held, like The Blair Witch Project

Hope that helps. Thanks!

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