Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new storyboarder map

Hey Story guys, thought something like this might help, a map with a bit more things o play off, if you don't like something, let me know, it is just an idea. The right is where the sun is rising, the east, Ryan suggested clouds over there so lets go with more clouds on the horizon on that side like in Mike Mercers pictures, also from mike, I put the big rock behind the gas station. i tried to put shadows to get a relative idea of height.

The line on the left i was thinking was a bit of a burm, with a hill going down to the left (like a short drop, then sloped, like the side of a plateau)

i threw in a canyon with a river, you'll probably never see in the lower left for fun. if there are any other questions or suggestion on it let me know. (I know I misspelled plateau...probably here too)

again this is for storyboarding purposes, I am not dictating the environment design, design guys.

1 comment:

MM said...

this is cool! i think my next design will incorporate some of these things.

Hey...can the dillos go cliff jumping in the credits?