Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lighting concepts

Ok so I think it's time to start talking lighting and stuff. Here are a couple passes I would really like critiqued before I move on to finishing the piece.

Blue shadows, tan rocks. Blue sky, big sun. This one has more of a just-after-sunrise feel. Jeremy said it should be warmer.

Above is color corrected for my stupid laptop. I will fix these in the future.

Not color corrected.

Warmer rocks/shadows. I wanted you to see the vastness of the landscape. The idea behind this one is that there used to be a traveled side road going to a place called "Big Al's Oasis" and that's why a gas station popped up. But when Big Al's shut down there wasn't much hope for the gas station. (The gas station is called Brigham's Squeaky Clean Gasoline). The gas station I wanted to feel like an "oasis" (loosley meaning a small populated area) too in the middle of a very flat, dirty and empty desert landscape. The clouds act like mountains on the horizon in every direction. Why? Because I thought it'd be cool.

Please comment. Thanks!


Rogan said...

Very nice paintings, Mike. They capture the feel of that kind of lighting very well. The first one definitely feels more morning, and the second one more dusk. I like the second one better.

Rachel B said...

As far as my two cents go, I kinda like the look of the sky in Chris's original rocky environment. The lighting doesn't really match the sky, but that purply blue sky with some lingering stars could be cool.

MM said...

I really like the ideas of having stars in the sky. I think I'm going to play around with that in my next painting. Thanks Rachel!